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Managing COVID-19 & Pregnancy

COVID-19 has left many in a state of confusion and worry. When dealing with a pregnancy in the middle of this pandemic, a lot of questions can arise. A mother’s first concern becomes the health of her pregnancy or newborn. While we wish to provide answers to all of your questions, it’s unfortunately too soon

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6 Misconceptions About Conception

When people come to our center for pregnancy testing or consultations, they often share with us stories of how they thought they couldn’t become pregnant or why they thought they were safe. Many people share these misconceptions, which is why we wanted to look at some of the more common myths about unintended pregnancy and

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Balancing Work and Pregnancy

One of the most common concerns women have about pregnancy is “can I still work while pregnant?”  The idea of a loss of income during pregnancy is impossible to consider for most people. Thankfully, pregnancy accommodations in the workplace are now common and help expectant mothers to continue working.  However, it’s important not to overdo

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