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For some, being a parent isn’t the right option, and abortion goes against their beliefs. In that case, adoption might be the right choice.

Sound Choices partners with licensed adoption agencies to provide you with information about adoption. This can be a positive choice for you. You may feel this is not an option for you but with information and support many find adoption a good and loving choice for themselves and their baby.

Your Adoption Options

Adoption has drastically changed over the years, allowing mothers to make an adoption plan that’s right for them. Here are three adoption plans to choose from, depending on what kind of relationship you desire to have with your child.

Open Adoption Plan

An open adoption plan is the most common type today. With this type of adoption, you have open communication with the adoptive family and exchange names, addresses, and phone numbers. You both work together to make visits with one another and your child. It’s up to both parties to build the type of relationship they would like.

Closed Adoption Plan

With a closed adoption, the adoptive family and birth mom remain anonymous. The child’s birth certificate and identifying information are sealed after everything is finalized with the adoption. Some women who choose this adoption plan feel they receive some sort of closure. If you are concerned for your child’s safety, this may be your best option.

Semi-open Adoption Plan

Lastly, a semi-open adoption plan is a mix of open and closed adoption. There is communication between you and your child and the adoptive family, but all communication is done through an adoption agency or specialist of your choosing.

While every woman’s adoption decision is different, we want you to feel equipped to make the best choices regarding your pregnancy. Our trained peer advocates are available to support you and listen to your needs.

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