No-Cost and Confidential Women's Center

We offer free and confidential pregnancy services and support to help you along your unique journey. If you have further questions about these services below, please reach out for more clarity and next steps.

Pregnancy Testing

Think you're pregnant? Get free pregnancy testing done at our clinic to know how to move forward in your pregnancy journey. You deserve answers and facts about your pregnancy. Confidence comes with clarity. 

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In pregnancy, an ultrasound indicates if pregnancy is taking place where it should be and is not ectopic (outside the uterus). We offer free, limited ultrasounds so you can be sure about where your pregnancy stands.

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Post-Abortion Support

Our Abortion Recovery Support exists as a safe place for women to address their individual experiences with abortion and find the support they need. This service is for women who need to talk to someone in a confidential & non-judgmental environment.

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We offer a variety of resources and support to better educate you about your pregnancy, options, and post-abortion education and resources. Our team is here for you during pregnancy and beyond because we care.

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