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College is often a whirlwind of new experiences and emotions. From writing papers to thinking about career goals, it is an important time in your life.

An unexpected pregnancy can make you feel like those goals must wait. But if you’re pregnant, know you can still accomplish these goals and make confident, educated decisions about your situation.

Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic cares about you. This can be a stressful time, but you aren’t alone. Request a free and confidential appointment today.

Do I Have Rights?

Title IX prevents discrimination on the basis of sex, which includes pregnancy and parental status. You can continue your education and are entitled to excused absences, reasonable adjustments like larger desks, and more.

Speaking with your college about your pregnancy as soon as possible will help them understand your unique situation and offer the tools needed for you to succeed. Remember, you are legally protected from harassment and discrimination.

Sharing the News With Your Loved Ones

Sharing pregnancy news while in college can be especially stressful. Your parents and friends may wonder how you’ll complete your education and what decision you’ll make.

These worries are understandable, but it’s best to be transparent. Be open about your situation, but reiterate that services exist to help pregnant students succeed. You’ll also want to set boundaries if your loved ones try to pressure you into making a certain decision.

If necessary, give them time to process the news. Then, you can have more discussions about how they can best support you.

Understanding Your Options

Remember, you have options for an unexpected pregnancy and need reliable information. Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic provides pregnancy confirmation services so you can learn more about your pregnancy and better understand your options.

We can also discuss abortion, adoption, and parenting. You’ll learn about each one in a non-judgmental environment. If you choose to parent, we’ll help you balance this role and that of being a college student and provide parenting classes.

You Have Support

Being pregnant in college can be challenging, but you have resources and support. Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic is here for you.

Request a free and confidential appointment today.

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