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An unplanned pregnancy can take guys by surprise. If your partner or spouse is unexpectedly pregnant, you could feel unsure of what to do next.

Even if you feel uncertain or unsteady, your unwavering support can make a world of difference in the life of your pregnant partner.

Supportive Steps Guys Can Take

As you walk alongside your partner, here are a few things you can do to support her.

1. Listen to Her Feelings

Pregnancy comes with many emotions, especially with the rush of pregnancy hormones. Make sure she feels heard and free to share her feelings with you.

Listen to her and ask questions. Release the pressure to have the answers or the words. Let her speak as much as she needs to and be her sounding board.

2. Accompany Her to Appointments

Pregnancy means lots of appointments. It’s a closely monitored health condition. However, it can be challenging to go to the appointments alone. If possible, try to accompany her. She will appreciate your presence in the waiting room or during her ultrasound scans.

3. Research Options and Programs

Research takes time and energy. If she needs insurance coverage, housing, or wants to learn more about available options, volunteer to gather the information on her behalf.

Do the heavy lifting and then share the information with your partner. She will feel relieved to have one less thing on her plate.

4. Support Her Through This Time

In addition to listening and being present with her, make sure she knows you want to support her through this time. Have her back and look out for her best interest.

5. Weigh Options Together

For the long-term health of your relationship, communicate and discuss your pregnancy options together. Get on the same page by weighing the pros and cons of all three pregnancy options and thinking through what life could look like if you chose each one.

Think through your future together and your desires for your relationship.

Support for Couples

At Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic, we can support both of you. We’ll provide free early pregnancy services, resources, and a safe place to find out more information about resources and options.

We’re here to help you both navigate this unplanned life circumstance. Schedule a no-cost appointment today!

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