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For some couples, it can be very difficult to get pregnant when they want to. But that doesn’t mean it’s hard to get pregnant for everyone. Unplanned and unexpected pregnancies are a regular occurrence for women around the world. If you’re sexually active, you need to understand your chances of becoming pregnant and how to keep yourself safe.

How Likely Is Pregnancy?

When it comes to answering the question of how likely you are to get pregnant, the unfortunate truth is that there isn’t an easy answer. There are many factors that go into how likely pregnancy is, and they are different for every woman and couple.

The first and biggest factor in your pregnancy chances is your ovulation cycle. Ovulation is the process where your body releases an egg from your ovaries to be fertilized. Most women ovulate every 28 days, generally around 10 to 20 days after the first day of their menstrual period. Ovulation itself only lasts 24 hours, but your body will begin to prepare for ovulation several days in advance.

Another important factor is the man’s sperm. Sperm health and quality play a big role in how likely a pregnancy is. Men with a low viable sperm count are less likely to get their partners pregnant. However, sperm can also live inside your body for several days – sometimes almost a week – after sexual intercourse.

All together, this means that unprotected sexual activity at any time around your ovulation could result in pregnancy. The CDC estimates that if you have unprotected sex regularly, you are more than 75% likely to get pregnant within a year.

How Do I Avoid Getting Pregnant?

There are a few ways to avoid getting pregnant, including various methods of birth control. However, you should know that no form of birth control is completely effective at preventing pregnancy. For instance, the CDC estimates that 18% of couples that use condoms will still get pregnant in a year.

With that in mind, the most effective way of avoiding pregnancy is to simply not have sex when you aren’t ready to become pregnant. Abstinence is the only 100% effective way of avoiding pregnancy.

What Do I Do If I Become Pregnant?

If you do become pregnant unexpectedly, you’ll need to consider your options carefully. Your first step should be to come to Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic. We can offer you a number of free services to help you through your pregnancy, including:

  • Free Pregnancy Testing
  • Free Limited Obstetric Ultrasounds
  • Educational Resources
  • Pregnancy Option Information
  • Non-Judgmental Support and Help

Get Help and Resources Today

If you want to learn more about your chances of becoming pregnant, or if you think you could be pregnant and want to take a free pregnancy test at our clinic, call Sound Choices today. All of our services are 100% free, confidential, and private. Call us at (706) 322-5024 to Request your free pregnancy test and learn about how we can help.


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