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Having an abortion can be an emotionally draining experience, and you may find that life looks very different afterward. Though some women may feel relief after abortion, studies such as this one have found that others can experience depression, anxiety, and more.

If you are struggling after an abortion, know that everyone recovers differently. Feeling better may take some time, and there’s no shame in asking for help. Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic is here for you with helpful resources.

Learn more below about how you can aid your post-abortion recovery.

1. Be Kind to Yourself

Abortion can be very traumatic for some women. If you have trouble getting through each day and returning to “normal life,” know you’re not alone.

Being kind to yourself during this time is crucial. While you can’t erase the past, you can learn to move forward and cope with your emotions in a healthy way.

2. Begin Processing Your Emotions

After an abortion, ask yourself how you feel. Are you more emotional or tired than usual? Do certain things in your everyday life make you upset? How are you coping at work?

It’s essential to begin processing your emotions. Acknowledging any pain you may feel can lead to healing. This time can help you identify what support you need.

3. Seek Professional Support/Counseling

If you find participating in everyday activities or interacting with others challenging, you may want to seek professional support. Counselors and therapists trained in post-abortion recovery can help you develop coping skills, access further resources, and return to daily activities.

You may find support groups helpful as well. This resource allows you to share your experiences with women who have also had abortions. Leaning on each other during this time can lighten the mental load.

Find Post-Abortion Support Today

Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic offers a free and confidential abortion recovery program. You’ll receive support in processing your feelings and share your story in a supportive, loving environment.

Connect with our program leader by emailing Or you can request an appointment today. You’re not alone.

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