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While you can buy the abortion pill online, the FDA does not recommend this. There are many unknowns when purchasing these drugs via the Internet. Your health and safety are at stake.

A provider should explain any medical process or procedure. Abortion is no different. You should undergo a complete physical exam, learn about the abortion pill’s risks and side effects, and ensure your questions are answered. 

Things to Consider

The abortion pill uses two drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol, to terminate a pregnancy. Mifepristone blocks progesterone, and misoprostol causes uterine contractions that expel the pregnancy. 

The FDA has approved mifepristone through 10 weeks gestation (10 weeks or less of pregnancy). You avoid safeguards meant to protect your health when purchasing this drug online.

Before any pregnancy decision, you should receive an obstetric ultrasound. This scan confirms your pregnancy’s viability (whether your pregnancy has a heartbeat and is progressing normally), gestational age (how far along you are), and location. 

Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic provides free and confidential limited ultrasounds following a positive pregnancy test result. You’ll get the information you need to move forward and learn whether you have certain conditions like ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg implants in a location other than the uterus, such as a fallopian tube. It is a medical emergency and requires immediate treatment.

What Are the Risks?

Purchasing abortion drugs online may mean you have a single telehealth appointment before receiving them in the mail. Though this can seem convenient, there are risks.

You won’t know whether the drugs you receive are the correct ones. The dosage and instructions could be wrong as well. And as many of these drugs come from unregulated or overseas pharmacies, there may be no medical oversight.

Ingesting unknown drugs could create risks to your health. Your well-being matters, and you deserve the facts about this abortion method.

Unexpected Pregnancy?

Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic offers limited ultrasounds, pregnancy options consultations, and more for those with unexpected pregnancies. 

We pledge to partner with you through our free and confidential medical services. We don’t provide or refer for abortions but do offer factual information on all pregnancy options.

Contact us today to request an appointment. Our advocates are here to help.

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