Parenting & Birthing Classes, Post-Abortion Care Group, Bible Study for Women

“Earn While You Learn” Parenting Classes

Expectant moms & dads earn much-needed baby supplies and equipment by attending classes offered at Sound Choices. Here’s how it works: “Mommy Bucks” are given to all who attend classes and complete homework. These Mommy Bucks can then be used to “shop” our Baby Basket Boutique for needed items for your baby. You can earn things like diapers, baby clothing, blankets, strollers, and many other baby supplies. All items are new, since you are earning them! To register for a Parenting Class, call Robyn at 706-322-5024! All classes are free. Join us!

Resource Closet

Resource Closet


Classroom at Sound Choices

Classroom at Sound Choices

Birthing Classes

Learn what to expect, the stages & signs of labor, breathing techniques, labor positions, what to expect during delivery, breastfeeding basics, & much more! Select the Register for Classes tab to register for this class!

Post-Abortion Recovery

Our Post-Abortion Recovery support exists as a safe place for women to address their individual experience with abortion, & find the support they need. This service is for women who need to talk to someone in a confidential & non-judgmental environment. Please consider coming! To connect with our Abortion Recovery leader, find her on Facebook here, or email her at


All Information is Confidential

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